// The Beach Club Shop Totes //

Bend Tote, 2017
Edition of 12 copies

Surf Tote, 2017
Edition of 12 copies

Limited edition signed and numbered Beach Club Shop canvas totes.

// My Bajan Letters //


ISBN: 978-91-980977-9-5
Edition of 500 copies

My Bajan Letters is a publication in three chapters collected by a rubber band, published by Woodpecker Projects, SE. Research, travel, film, post production, exhibition and print is supported by Bror Ljunggrens Minnesfond, SE, Längmanska Stiftelsen, SE, The Danish Arts Council, DK, ANNAELLEGALLERY, SE, Galleri Arnstedt, SE, Printers Proof, DK, Vermillion Sands, DK, peer to space, DE, Simon Möller Film, SE, Avfart längre fram, SE, Forlaget *[asterisk], DK (published 1st edition of book 1) and The Piccadilly Exhibition Company, DK (initiated book 1). Texts by Fergal O’Connor, Ditte Ejlerskov and Tina Sauerländer.



ISBN: 978-91-980977-4-0
Edition of 700 copies

THE MINAJ BOOK was published by Woodpecker Projects, SE with support from The Swedish Arts Council, SE, Arctic Paper, DK, ANNAELLE Gallery, SE and Sommer & Kohl, DE. It is a soft-cover book with 152 pages and writings about and around the American rapper Nicki Minaj. The writings are by J. Fergus, Astrid Kusser, Marianne Lentz, Saman Atter Motlagh and an interview between Terry R. Myers and Ditte Ejlerskov.

// My Bajan Letters – first edition (only one book) //


ISBN: 978-87-92733-36-8
Edition of 500 copies

My Bajan Letters, was published by Forlaget *[Asterisk] in December 2013 under the umbrella of the travel books series The Piccadilly Expedition Company, curated and edited by the art historians Peter Ole Pedersen and Kristian Handberg. Read more about the project here.

// My African Letters //


ISBN: 978-87-92539-99-1
Edition of 600 copies

My African Letters is designed by Woodpecker Projects, SE and published by Forlaget Siesta, DK with support from the Danish Arts Council, DK. It is a soft-cover book with 80 pages. Read more about the project here. Low resolution PDF click here.

// An Open Door is Closing //



ISBN: 978-91-633-6251-4

Edition of 700 copies (including 30 special editions)

An Open Door is Closing is produced in collaboration with Elastic Gallery, SE and would not have been possible without support from The Swedish Arts Council, SE, Larm Gallery, DK, Crystal Contemporary, SE, Montana Fonden, DK, The Danish Embassy, SE and Harry Kuvert AB, SE Designed and Published 2011 by Woodpecker Projects, Malmö, SE. It is a spiral bound book with 60 pages and a poster. Read more about the works in this book here.

// Unbreak my heart, say you’ll love me again //



ISBN: 978-91-633-3929-5
Edition of 500 copies (including 30 special edition)

This publication was produced in collaboration with galleri Ping Pong in Malmö in 2009 for my MFA exam show. It is a soft-cover book with 96 pages and a poster. More about the project here.

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Arcana: Books on the Arts, Culver City, California, USA
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Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore, Santa Monica, California, USA
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Sommer & Kohl, Berlin, DE
Malmö Konsthall‘s Bookshop, Malmö, SE
Ping Pong, Malmö, SE
Arnstedt, Östra Karup, SE
AnnaElle, Stockholm, SE
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Arnold Busck Boghandel, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, DK
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Boghandleren Minus 1 / Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, DK