// 2017.04.18 // STUDIO //

New “Beach Club Papers”! #beachclubpapers

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// 2017.04.16 // SHOW //

I am happy to announce my first huge solo show!

The working title is  “Me Fecit” and it will take place in the spring of 2018 in Kristiansand Kunsthall’s beautiful 600 square meters! As a starting point in the developing of new works I have allowed the artworks in this production full autonomy.

Several places in art story a paradoxical double structure has been exemplified in works signed; “Me Fecit”. (I made this. It is made by me. It made me.) With a flowering ego the artworks have declared that they are not only made up of artificially formed dead material. They are living form with own intentions.

Guided by the thinking of art historian Horst Bredekamp I found many examples of this from ancient and medieval history up to early modernism. All examples are questioning the traditional concept of the relationship between the artwork, its maker and its viewer.

Installation view from one of the rooms atKristiansand Kunsthall
Here with works by Lars Morell in 2015

// 2017.04.14 // STUDIO //

// 2017.04.13 // SHOW //


#opening #tomorrow #Koldinggade12 #whythefuckwouldileavewhenimgoodhere #ivyhaldeman #ditteejlerskov #Holmium

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// 2017.04.09 // STUDIO //

Done. Now strike a pose Ville!

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// 2017.04.08 // STUDIO //   

// 2017.04.01 // SHOW //


Welcome to our opening at Koldinggade 12, where I am presenting the exhibition, Holmium (Ho) together with Ivy Haldeman. This is the first in a series of collaborative exhibitions, each named for a rare earth element. Holmium, with the atomic number 67, has unusual magnetic properties and although it is relatively stable, it will burn in the air when heated. This irresistible, hot little element sets the tone for our collaboration. We made a video! And are showing some 2 dimensional things too.

Opening on the 14th of April 17-20. Check out Koldinggade’s site for opening hours.

April 14 – May 2, 2017

// 2017.03.30 // STUDIO//

// 2017.03.24 // STUDIO //

Thank you @bakbash for the fine poster and for making #virtualperception happen @husetforkunstogdesign 🙌

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// 2017.03.23 // STUDIO //


Getting shit done here too @jenny_nordberg ⠀ ⠀ #beachclubpapers #galleriarnstedt #statenskunstfond ⠀ #worksonpaper ⠀

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// 2017.02.25 // SHOW //

Welcome to the trio show “Delat utrymme” at Hanninge Konsthal with Rebecka Bebben Andersson, Nanna Debois Buhl and me, Ditte Ejlerskov. It opens on the 8th of April and 13-15!

April 8 – June 8, 2017

// 2017.02.17 // SHOW //

.. aaaand then this last Friday bragging upload from me. #hfkd #ditteejlerskov photo by @david_stjernholm

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// 2017.01.30 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of VIRTUAL PERCEPTION on Feb 10 17-20 at Huset for Kunst og Design, Holstebro, DK.


Participating artists: Ditte Ejlerskov, Søren Thilo Funder, Hannah Heilmann, Morten Modin, Jacob Remin, David Stjernholm and Sif Itona Westerberg.

Feb 10 – March 19, 2017

// 2017.01.27 //

Trinidad! Where u at? #studio #mood #dreams #minaj #friday

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// 2017.01.20 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of “Les Femmes s’en Mêlent revisited: Facts and Fantasies” on January 31th from 6pm to 9pm. The show is curated by Stéphane Amiel & Marie Magnier at Galerie Filles du Calvaire in Paris, FR.


Participating artists: Sarah Bastin, Florie Berger, Charlotte Beaudry, Chill O, Evelyne Coutas, Ditte Ejlerskov, Vincent Ferrané, Karen Knorr & Olivier Richon, Quentin Leroy, Philippe Levy, LUZ, Cecil Mathieu, Radenko Milak, Renaud Monfourny, SMITH and Vinciane

Feb 1 – Feb 25, 2017

// 2017.01.06 //

// 2016.11.30 // SHOW //

Welcome to AnnaElle’s Winter Show! It opens on the 8th of December and I am showing new works.

Beach Club Paper 1- 4, 2016
Mixed media on paper, 26 x 30 cm, framed

Participating artists: Amy Feldman, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ellisif Hals, Hanna Ljungh, Hans Jörgen Johansen, Johan Nobell, Leontine Arvidsson, Olof Inger, Oskar Hult and Simon deBrée.

// 2016.10.18 // SHOW //

Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed as Art (After Bochner) curated by Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom from CAC Bukovje/Landskrona opens on the 26th at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, SL.


Participating artists: Bengt Adlers, Conny Blom, Mel Bochner, Kalle Brolin, Vasja Cenčič, Martin Creed, Kajsa Dahlberg, Jeremy Deller, Ditte Ejlerskov, Milanka Fabjančič, Vadim Fishkin, Johan Furåker, Alexander Gutke, Felix Gmelin, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, IRWIN, Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Lisa Jeannin, Žiga Kariž, Clay Ketter, Jukka Korkeila, Anna Ling, Anna Lundh, Miltos Manetas, Jonathan Meese, Kristina Müntzing, Jesper Norda, Björn Perborg, Magnus Petersson, Adrian Piper, Klara Sax, Lina Selander, Nataša Skušek, Nina Slejko Blom, Nedko Solakov, Mladen Stropnik, Annika Ström, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Ulla West, Leon Zuodar and Serkan Özkaya.

Oct 26 – Nov 11, 2015

// 2016.10.04 // SHOW //


Welcome to the opening on the 6th of Oct from 5-8 pm of my first solo show with ANNAELLE in Stockholm, SE!

Oct 6 – Nov 6, 2016

// 2016.09.13 // PUBLICATION //


The Royal Library opens the exhibition OPSLAG NEDSLAG Danish artists’ books on September 29 at 4 pm in The Black Diamond. I am represented by My Bajan Letters.

Participating artists: Lars Nørgård, Lasse Krog Møller, Lea Porsager, Lili W. Hur, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Mogens Otto Nielsen, Mogens Møller, Morten Bo, Morten Søndergaard, Nanna Debois Buhl, Noël Arnaud, Peder Alexis Olsson, Per Højholt, Poul Pedersen, Randi og Katrine, Stig Brøgger, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, VÆRST, Åse Eg Jørgensen, Keld Helmer-Petersen, Klaus Rifbjerg, Knud Holten, Koncern, Asger Jorn, Bjørn Nørgaard, Jesper Fabricius, Lene Adler Petersen, Martin Larsen, Per Kirkeby, Sven Dalsgaard, Tal R, A Kassen, Albert Mertz, Amalie Smith, Anna Fro Vodder, Arme og ben, Arthur Køpcke, Cecilia Westerberg, Christian Vind, Claus Carstensen, Daniel Milan, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ebbe, Stub Wittrup, Eric Andersen, Eric Mourier, Erik A. Frandsen, Erik Hagens, Erik Steensen, Eva Kinch Brønsted, Evren Tekinoktay, George Brecht, Guy Debord, Hans-Jørgen Nielsen, Hein Heinsen, Henning Christiansen, Henriette Heise, Henrik Have, Henrik Olesen, Hulda Lütken, J.V. Martin, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Jens Birkemose, Julie Andkjær Olsen, Jytte Rex, Jørgen Nash, Karl Johan Almqvist, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Keld Helmer-Petersen, Klaus Rifbjerg and Knud Holten.

Director of the Royal Library Erland Kolding Nielsen opens the show followed by an introduction to the artists’ books by Director of the National Gallery of Denmark Mikkel Bogh. After that the opening speech will be held by artist Lea Porsager.

Sep 30 2016 – March 11 2017

// 2016.08.24 // PUBLICATION //

I am thrilled to release My Bajan Letters with Woodpecker Projects this weekend in Copenhagen at CODE in the booth of Printer’sProof. Welcome to the celebration Saturday at 15! Or find the book at CHART in ANNAELLE‘s booth.

The publication is divided into three books. Two books contain emails with a scammer from Barbados, one book contains stills from my film I Splurge Myself  color-graded by Simon Möller Film. And the book has an afterword by Tina Sauerländer! Yaay!


Aug 26 – Aug 28, 2016

// 2016.08.10 // SHOW //

I am showing The Rihanna Rapports at a group show curated by Thomas Millroth entitled Artists’ Books at Lunds Konsthall, Lund, SE. Woodpecker Projects (which partly is me too) will be there too with a lot of good stuff! Welcome!

2013 The Rihanna Rapports 15
Detail view; The Rihanna Rapports

Participating artists: Leontine Arvidsson, Nina Canell & Robin Watkins, Ditte Ejlerskov, Jens Henricson, Sven-Åke Johansson, Marie Raffn, Cia Rinne, Trine Struwe, Sara Wallgren, Richard Årlin.

Oct 1 – Nov 27, 2016

// 2016.08.09 // SHOW //


I am releasing my new piece Resonant Cavity on the 9th at 13 in the show [UDEN TITEL 16] at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, DK.

Participating artists: Nanna Abell, Rasmus Albertsen, Matilde Duus, Ditte Ejlerskov, Christian Bang Jensen, Andreas Rasmussen, Julie Stavad and Fredrik Tydén.

Sep 10 –  OCT 23, 2016


// 2016.08.07 // SHOW //

On the 10th of September 13-15 at Museumscenter Aars in Denmark Johan Furåker and I are showing our project And Lots of Diamonds.

Olise Kjærgaard, Furaker, Ejlerskov - flyer FINAL med gul 3

 Sep 10 – Nov 10, 2016

// 2016.07.11 // SHOW //

On the 14th of July Britt Arnstedt opens her yearly July exhibition Samling and I am in it with brand new works from my Barbados-Riri-project! Also, I am showing a few older pieces that have never left my studio. Until now. Like this one:

Stay, oil and vinyl paint on canvas (partly weaved), framed

Stay, 2013
Oil and vinyl paint on canvas (partly weaved), framed.

Participating artists: Ernst Billgren, Marcus Eek, Ditte Ejlerskov, Lars Englund, Johan Furåker, Jens Fänge and Johan Nobell.

 July 14 – Aug 1, 2016

// 2016.06.06 // SHOW //

Welcome to the SUMMER SHOW at AnneElle Gallery in Stockholm where I am showing my new photogravure made in collaboration with Printers Proof in Copenhagen, DK


Abbreviation, 2016
54 x 39 cm, 4 coloured photogravure, edition of 20 pieces

Participating artists: Amy Feldman, Ditte Ejlerskov, Emil Westman Hertz, Hanna Ljungh, Hans Jörgen Johansen, Hertha Hansson, Johan Nobell, Leotine Arvidsson, Leena Nio, Mikkel Carl, Olof Inger, Oskar Hult and Simon Debree.

June 7 – Aug 21, 2016

// 2016.06.20 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening The Island Show at KANT TEMPORARY in Sønderho, Fanø, DK on the 27th of June!

Participating artists: Thomas Bang, Clay Ketter, Rune Elgaard, Kristofer Hultenberg, Marlon Wobst, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Susanne Wellm, Bent Holstein, Johan Furåker, Lars Worm, Caroline Kryzecki, Ida Kvetny, Christina Malbek, Trine Boesen, Magnus Pettersen, Stig Stasig, Lise Blomberg and Ditte Ejlerskov.

June 26  – Aug 8, 2016

// 2016.04.20 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of One is the Other at Mayor Projects, Jacob Bjørn Gallery at The Mayor Hotel in Århus on the 28th of April. I will be showing a selection of Minaj-works.

One is the Other, 2014, Triptych; 3 pieces of 24 x 19 cm, found image (mosaic), ink-jet print and painting

One is the Other
, 2014
Triptych; 3 pieces of 24 x 19 cm, found image (mosaic), ink-jet print and painting

April 28 – May 28, 2016

// 2016.04.17 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of Borås Internationella Skulpturbiennal, Borås, SE on the 20th of May in the city’s main square. 


Participating: Matthias van Arkel, Åsa Maria Bengtsson, Eva Berggren, Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Ernst Billgren, Elias Björn, Linnéa Carlsson, GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ida Isakson, Sirous Namazi, Mounira Al Solh, MYCKET, Louise Sparre, Jude Tallichet and Andrea Zittel.

May 18 – Sep 18, 2016

// 2016.04.04 // SHOW //

I am exited to announce that the piece About: The Blank Pages is represented at Speaking Volumes by My Bookcase and Glasgow Women’s Library for the Glasgow International contemporary art festival! 

April 8 – April 25, 2016

// 2016.03.11 // SHOW //


If You Know, 2015
Copper plate prints, Artist’s Proof, 3 of 5 papers of 120 x 150 cm

I am guesting at KANT in Copenhagen with a selection of works under the title of REPRESENTING. Welcome to the opening on Friday the 11th of March 17 – 19.

March 12 – April 23, 2016

// 2016.03.11 // SHOW AND SEMINAR//


Moderna Museet is presenting the artist initiated project Painting Failures with an opening on Friday and seminars during the weekend.

Participating artists: Maria Nordin, Carl Hammoud, Jesper Nyrén, Johanna Fjaestad, Kristoffer Zetterstrand, Lina Bjerneld, Felix Vasquez-Aguilera, Torbjörn Johansson, Martina Müntzing, Sigrid Sandström, Susanne Vollmer, Therese Jonsson Szatek, Sofie Lardner Häggström, Lukas Götman, Magnus Alexandersson, Nanna de Wilde, Jan Rydén, Stina Rosenberg, Lucas Rahn, Joakim Lager, Filippa Arrias, Olle Schmidt, Danilo Stankovic, Hertha Hansson, Eva Larsson, Jim Thorell, Sofie Arfwidson, Viktor Rosdahl, Ditte Ejlerskov, Marianne Andersson, Nina Roos, Andreas Glad, Ella Tillema, Fredrik Norén, Gabriella Ioannides, Andreas Emenius, Nichlas Winmalm, Lisa D Manner, Ellisif Hals, Johan Furåker, Magdalena Svensson, Jakob Simonson, Andreas Poppelier, Emm Berring, Nug, Lena Johansson, Elizabet Thun, Tomas Lundgren, Fredrik Åkum, Lotta Döbling, Sara Forsström, Elin Elfström, Martin Formgren, Jonas Pike, Pär Strömberg, Sofie Josefsson, Gittan Jönsson, Marcus Anteskog, Pauliina Pietilä, Paul Fägerskiöld, Kristina Jansson, Monika Marklinger, Anna Bjerger, James Aldridge, Pierre Sandgren, Yngve Rådberg and Kristina Matousch.

March 11 – March 13, 2016

// 2016.01.14 // RESIDENCY//

In February I will be in Berlin at Tækker AIR editing my Barbados-film!


// 2016.02.15 // STUDIO//



Polynesia, 2016
60 x 80 cm, mixed media on canvas
(originally a painting by Danilo Stankovic)

I just finished this painting for the Painting Failures show at Moderna Museet in Malmö. Thank you Danilo for making life easy for me!

// 2015.12.07 // RESIDENCY//

Exited about this new project in collaboration with Printers Proof in Copenhagen, DK! We are making a print from 4 photopolymer plates as part of my Barbados project. The print is a still from the film, separated into 4 colors for the plates and then collected again on paper under pressure from the press.



// 2015.12.04 // SHOW//

The Minaj Castle 1

Welcome to the group show at AnnaElle gallery in Stockholm on Dec 8th 5-8 pm. I will be showing The Minaj Castle and THE MINAJ BOOK has Stockholm release!

Participating artists: Amy Feldman, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ellisif Hals, Emil Westman Hertz, Hanna Ljungh, Hans Jörgen Johanson, Hertha Hanson, Johan Nobell, Leotine Arvidsson, Mikkel Carl and Olof Inger.

Dec 8, 2015 – Jan 8, 2016

// 2015.11.09 // SHOW//


Welcome to the opening of our group show TERRA INCOGNITA at KRETS in Malmö Nov 21 19-22. This evening at 20 Signe N. Hammar will be reading from her newly produced poetry. Also the limited edition TERRA INCOGNITA will be released. The show as well as the publication is initiated and curated by Woodpecker Projects in collaboration with KRETS.

Participating artists: Catrin Andersson, Carl Boutard, Ditte Ejlerskov, Andreas Eriksson, Johan Furåker, Jens Henricson, Anna Ling, Tony Matelli and Saskia Te Nicklin.

Nov 21 – Dec 12, 2015

// 2015.10.20 // BOOK//

2014 books 1

The Swedish Arts Council now supports The Minaj Book and it can therefore be found in all libraries in Sweden!

You can also find my books here:

Section 7 Books, Castillo/Corrales, Paris, FR
Super Dakota, Brussels, B
Motto Distribution, Geneva, SW
Arcana: Books on the Arts, Culver City, California, USA
Wexner Center Store / Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University, USA
Hennessey + Ingalls Bookstore, Santa Monica, California, USA
Strand Book Store, New York, USA
Desert Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Sommer & Kohl, Berlin, DE
Malmö Konsthall‘s Bookshop, Malmö, SE
Ping Pong, Malmö, SE
Arnstedt, Östra Karup, SE
AnnaElle, Stockholm, SE
LARM, Copenhagen, DK
Arnold Busck Boghandel, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, DK
Kristian F. Møller, Aarhus, DK
Boghandleren Minus 1 / Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, DK

// 2015.10.10 // SHOW//

Welcome to This Sticky Mess Will Get Us There at Nordic Contemporary in Paris, FR!


Participating artists: Peter Bonde, Ditte Ejlerskov, Andreas Emenius, Jan S. Hansen, Rauha Mäkilä, Tuomo Rainio, Viktor Rosdahl, Jim Thorell and Pilvi Takala.

Oct 22 – Oct 31, 2015

// 2015.10.09 // SHOW//

Welcome to this show at Galleri Ping Ping in Malmö, SE.


Participating artists: Kristina Abelli Elander, Moki Cherry, Ditte Ejlerskov, Leif Holmstrand and Hanna Sjöstrand.

Oct 10 – Oct 31, 2015

// 2015.10.01 // SHOW//

Welcome to I GOT RHYTHM at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, DE where I will be showing works from The Minaj Glass Engraving series.


Participating artists: Karel Appel, Ernie Barnes, Jean Michel Basquiat, Willi Baumeister, Romare Bearden, Max Beckmann, Peter Blake, Volker Böhringer, Paul Colin, Miguel Covarrubias, Beauford Delaney, Otto Dix, Kees van Dongen, Stan Douglas, Arthur Dove, Jean Dubuffet, Raoul Dufy, Marlene Dumas, Bettina Ehrlich-Bauer, Ditte Ejlerskov, George Grosz, K.O. Götz, Richard Hamilton, Carry Hauser, Anton Henning, Rashid Johnson, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Konrad Klapheck, Paul Klee, Franz Kline, Jutta Koether, Willem de Kooning, Frantisek Kupka, Norman Lewis, Verena Loewensberg, Carl Lohse, Adolf Loos, Christine Martin, Henri Matisse, Manfred Mohr, Piet Mondrian, Bruce Nauman, Albert Oehlen, The Otolith Group, Joe Overstreet, A. R. Penck, Francis Picabia, Rose Piper, Jackson Pollock, Lotte B. Prechner, James Rosenquist, Xanti Schawinsky, Bernard Schultze, Gino Severini, K. R. H. Sonderborg, Frank Stella, Walter Stöhrer, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol and Jack Whitten

Oct 10, 2015 – March 6, 2016

// 2015.09.09 // EVENT//


Welcome to Valerie Galner‘s Disaster Party on Friday the 11th of September at Fabrikken for Kunst og Design. Check out the Disco-healing-light-ship installation by Nina Wengel while Johan, Ville and I (secretly know as DJ TEAM Familie Guf) are DJ-ing! Our theme is Caribbean Island Vibes.

Sep 11, 2015:

8.00 PM: Music performance “Far from coastlines” by Jomi Massage

8.30 PM: DJ line-up: Rose Eken, Caspar Eric and Viktoria Wendel Skousen, Ditte Ejlerskov and Johan Furåker, Esben Weile Kjær, Mathias Kryger, Sidse Carstens, Carl Martin, Faurby Jon Stahn, Nina Wengel and Thomas Andersen, Kaspar Colling Nielsen and Jakob Cedergren.

02.00 AM: The party is closing


// 2015.09.09 // EVENT//


Hour Editions is participating in Alt_Cph 2015 – the tenth edition of Copenhagen’s art fair focusing on international artist-run platforms for contemporary art. I am participating in their project Work Book.

Work Book: For the fair Hour Editions have invited 12 artists to compile a reader based on the themes set out in the Not not work project, namely the complexities of labour, work and production in the contemporary art practice. Existing somewhere between a scrapbook and the conventional anthology of academic writing one might expect, the book will be assembled and bound during the three days of the fair by the visitors. The reader will be available to those who participate in what can be seen as an unwaged internship at Hour Editions for the duration of the production of their copy of the book (approx. 5 minutes).

Participating artists: Francis Patrick Brady, Kerry Downey, Ditte Ejlerskov, Maj Hasager
Simen J Helsvig, Mount Analogue, Michala Paludan, Christian Camacho Reynoso, Jenny Richards & Jens Strandberg and Marie Thams.

Sep 11 – Sep 13, 2015

//  2015.06.29 // SHOW //

Also organized by CAC Landskrona at KoS in Võru, ES is the show Small Good Things (Artworks We Like That Fitted In Our Suitcases)  in which I am showing a small piece. The show is curated by Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom.

Participating artists: Ditte Ejlerskov, Johan Furåker, Felix Gmelin, Miltos Manetas, Peter Miller, Klara Sax, Emelie Sjunnesson, Johan Wik Leon and Zuodar.

July 4 – July 26, 2015

// 2015.06.26 // SHOW //

Welcome to Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed as Art (After Bochner) curated by Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom from CAC Bukovje/Landskrona at KoS in Võru, ES. I am showing this little paper that I used for a painting earlier this year.

Studio ass CMYK

Ink-jet print

Participating artists: Bengt Adlers, Conny Blom, Mel Bochner, Kalle Brolin, Vasja Cenčič, Martin Creed, Kajsa Dahlberg, Jeremy Deller, Ditte Ejlerskov, Milanka Fabjančič, Vadim Fishkin, Johan Furåker, Alexander Gutke, Felix Gmelin, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, IRWIN, Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Lisa Jeannin, Žiga Kariž, Clay Ketter, Jukka Korkeila, Anna Ling, Anna Lundh, Miltos Manetas, Jonathan Meese, Kristina Müntzing, Jesper Norda, Björn Perborg, Magnus Petersson, Adrian Piper, Klara Sax, Lina Selander, Nataša Skušek, Nina Slejko Blom, Nedko Solakov, Mladen Stropnik, Annika Ström, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Ulla West, Leon Zuodar and Serkan Özkaya.

July 4 – July 26, 2015

// 2015.06.21 // SHOW //

On the 9th of July Britt Arnstedt opens her yearly July exhibition Samling. I am in it with Beyoncé-works and you are very welcome!

Participating artists: Ditte Ejlerskov, Andreas Eriksson, Peter Frie, Johan Furåker, Michael Johansson, Lisa D Manner and Dan Wolgers.

July 9 – July 26, 2015

// 2015.06.16 // FAIR //

VOLTA11 in Basel is open and runs until June 21st 2015. In booth C9 LARMgalleri will be showing works by: Ditte Ejlerskov, Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Kaare Golles, Matilde Duus, Jeannette Ehlers, Tony Matelli, Gavin Turk and Oana Farcas.

June 15 – June 21, 2015

// 2015.06.13 // SHOW //

About: The Blank Pages will now finally be opening at Kvinnohistoriskt Museum in Umea, the Swedish museum dedicated to the history of women! Welcome on Saturday the 13th of June.

June 13 – Nov 15, 2015

// 2015.06.05 // SHOW //

Welcome to Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, DK. In the woods by the beach I am showing a new piece inspired by Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna.


Next year I am embarking on a new focus on Rihanna. I see how she practices a different, almost anachronistic type of feminism and I will focus on her sentimental, gloomy and rebellious image in relation to medieval women martyrs’ unusual forms of feminist agency—namely that of rejection of violence through passivity. I will link Rihanna’s artistry to poetry which highlights women martyrs from the 10th century and test her project as that of the deliberately ‘un-surviving black woman.’ As the practitioner of a dark melancholic feminism (with the martyrs’ writings fresh in mind), I aim to research the idea that failure is a way of reviewing capitalism and hetero-normativity. I aim to rethink failure as success and, therefore, as a political tool. I hope to determine that there is a seldom employed bridge between oppression and feminism. This piece in Århus can be seen as the starting signal for this focus of mine.

June 5 – July 5, 2015

// 2015.05.30 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of SUMMER 2015 at AnneElle Gallery in Stockholm, SE today 12 -16!

Sexy Rihanna and Pinapples, 50 x 50 cm, oil on several canvases weaved together, 2013

Participating artists: Clara Gesand-Gottowt, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ellisif Hals, Hanna Ljungh, Hans Jörgen Johansen, Hertha Hanson, Inka & Niclas, Johan Nobell, Leontine Arvidsson, Mikkel Carl and Olof Inger.

May 30 – June 14, 2015

// 2015.05.25 // SHOW //

Welcome to the “Off the s{h}elf” exhibition THE ECLECTIC IN THE ARTIST’S BOOK curated by Eduardo Solaz, Maria Lusitano and Teresa Paiva at i’Klectik in London, UK. Woodpecker Projects is participating with their latest works, including THE MINAJ BOOK. The show opens on friday the 29th 18-22 and is open during the weekend 12-18.


May 29 – May 31, 2015

// 2015.05.16 // SHOW //

Welcome to the show Old News (again) at Cneai, Chatou, FR. Old News is a non-profit free newspaper presenting a selection of articles and images clipped from newspapers and magazines by international artists. Old News has been organised by curator Jacob Fabricius since 2004 and Cneai will for the first time presents Old News in its entirety. The anniversary exhibition will also present historical and achieve material made by artists relating to Old News and media in general. I am participating in Old News #6.


Participating artists in Old News #6: Jude Anogwih / Annika Eriksson, Emeka Ogboh / Tamar Guimarães, Uchay Joel Chima / Olof Olsson, Jelili Atiku / Janine Sack, Washington Uba / Cornelia Sollfrank, Soibifaa Dokubo / Ólafur Gíslason, Ato Arinze / Unnar Örn Audarson, Chiaka Nnodi / Karlotta Blöndal, Ephraim Ugochukwu / Örn Alexander Ámundason, Kola Kosoko / Annika Eriksson, Adama Collins-Ibe / Johan Tirén, Abdullateef Yussuf / Alexander Gutke, Bolaji Ogunwo / Runo Lagomarsino, Peju Layiwola / Dave Allen, Victor Ehikhamenor / Terje Östling, Richardson Ovbiebo / Kajsa Dahlberg, Ndidi Dike / Imri Sandström, Chinwe Uwatse / Nadia Mazzoni, Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo / Beata Berggren, Ibe Ananaba / Kristina Kvalvik, David Bamishile Richards / Emma-Lina Ericson, Kunle Adenmosun / Simon Möller, Adolphus Opara / Jakob Eklund, Tuoyo Omagba / Stina Wirfelt, Israel Ophori / Anders Sletvold Moe, Ete Ayida / Patrik Aarnivaara, Folarin Shasanya / Johan Furåker, Enimien Etomi / Cedric Bomford, Azu Nwagbogu / Ditte Ejlerskov, Bob Aiwerioba / Verena Kaminiarz, Chinenye Olugazi / Eva Marie Lindahl // Curators of Old News #6 1st day: Bisi Silva / Jacob Fabricius, afterwards the artists selected the next artist.

May 16 – Sep 27, 2015

// 2015.04.20 // SHOW AND BOOK RELEASE //

Welcome to THE MINAJ SHOW on Berlin’s Gallery Weekend opening night May 1st 18-21 at Sommer & Kohl. On the same evening Woodpecker Projects is releasing THE MINAJ BOOK and I am finally paying back my outstanding debt to her Minajesty – the Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj! An interview by Terry R. Myers about the thematics of the show click here.

May 2 – June 13, 2015

// 2015.04.10 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of my solo show A Survivor’s Blueprint at Ringsted Galleriet, Ringsted, DK on the 18th of April – a show completely dedicated to Beyoncé Knowles!

Amongst other works is a new copperplate etching project from Atelje Larsen’s work shop in Helsingborg, SE – hot off the press!

April 18 – May 10, 2015

// 2015.04.02 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening reception of At the Crack of Dawn at LARMgalleri in Copenhagen, DK on April 10th from 17-19.

Participating artists: Tony Matelli, Gavin Turk, Nicola Samori, Viktor Rosdahl, Ditte Ejlerskov and Asger Dybvad Larsen.

April 10 – May 23, 2015

// 2015.03.23 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of Se Fyra Konstnärer at Kristianstad Konsthall, SE on the 2nd of April 14-18. The exhibition is curated by Claudia Schaper and Marika Reuterswärd.

Participating artists: Åsa Maria Bengtsson, Ditte Ejlerskov (featuring EvaMarie Lindahl), Haidar Mahdi and Olov Tällström.

April 2 – May 31 2015

// 2015.03.03 // EVENT //

On the release of the very first issue of Historiskan – Sweden’s first and only newspaper on women’s history – EvaMarie Lindahl and I are showing a dainty special version of our piece About: The Blank Pages.

You are welcome at Skånes konstförening in Malmö, SE on Friday the 27th 19-22 where Daniel Novakovic from Too Cute To Puke is playing and free issues of the magazine are available! In the magazine you can read more about our project.

About: The Blank Pages
, 2014
Detail of the cover for Stepanova

March 27, 2015

// 2015.01.23 // FAIR //

Art Herning is open and in the booth of LARMgalleri (DK) I will be showing new works from the series Bow Down Bitches.

This is Another Large Scale Beyoncé Painting, 2014
Oil on canvas, 170 x 190 cm

Jan 23 – 25 2015

// 2014.12.13 // SHOW //

Welcome to the opening of the group show NO.27 at AnneElle Gallery in Stockholm, SE. The opening is today 12 -16!

Ditte Ejlerskov

Barbados Tourism Campaign 2013

55 x 50 cm, oil on several canvases weaved together, 2013

Participating artists: Amy Feldman, Astrid Svangren, Ditte Ejlerskov, Ellisif Hals, Emil Westman Hertz, Hanna Ljungh, Hans Jörgen Johanson, Hertha Hanson, Johan Nobell, Leotine Arvidsson, Mikkel Carl and Olof Inger.

Dec 13, 2014 – Jan 18, 2015

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