THE RANT - a rant by Ditte Ejlerskov

Central-banking and the history of money, reincarnation and astrology, art, tech, neofinancing and crypto, plus the possibilities of our existence being a simulation? I am willing to consider all possible angles on life at this point. There is nothing simple about the transitory era we are living in. It is all intertwined. The same technology that can save us all can

enslave us all – if it is not handled wisely.

The physical version of THE RANT is published by Forlaget Aftryk (DK) with support from Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books (DK) with the ISBN no: 978-87-972781-9-2. A digital blockchain version is under development and will be published by the web3 collective Korridor (DK). Here the “I” - which was initially the artist Ditte Ejlerskov - will be a collective "I" via the offering of an NFT ownership. 100 voices will constitutes this “I” in a developing interactive version of the text that lives online via the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.