Writings on the ongoing duo project with Johan Furåker

VENUS RISING by Jonatan Habib Engqvist, exhibition presentation for Cora Hillebrandt Gallery, Gothenburg, SE (in Swedish)

“ALL INCLUSIVE by Ditte Ejlerskov and Johan Furåker”, exhibition presentation by CCA Andratx, Es (in English)

Writings on my work in general

Skarp retrospektiv præsentation af Ditte Ejlerskov (in Danish)

Berusende udstillinger (in Danish)

“Ugens kunstner” presentation by Anna Gram Sørensen for Kunsten.nu (in Danish)


“A Sip of Cool”, exhibition text by Charlotte Cosson and Emmanuelle Luciani (in English)


“Féminisme : la fesse n’est pas dite” Virginie Ballet, Marie Ottavi and Paul Lorgerie for Libération (in French)


“Ditte Ejlerskov, un bon coup de Minaj” review by Alexis Jakubowicz for Libération (in French)


“Terry R. Myers intervjuar Ditte Ejlerskov” for THE MINAJ BOOK and THE MINAJ SHOW (in Swedish)


“Terry R. Myers interviews Ditte Ejlerskov” for THE MINAJ BOOK and THE MINAJ SHOW (in English)


“Morten Jacobsen interviews Ditte Ejlerskov” about A Survivor’s Blueprint  for Kopenhagen Magasin (in Danish)


“Bow Down Bitches” by Louise Jørgensen for Magasinet Kunst (in Danish)


“Divas, Diamonds and Super Bass” interview by Koshik Zaman ​for C-print (in English)


“Ditte Ejlerskov“, introduction by Michael Jeppesen for the book “Best of – 67 x kunst” (in Danish)


“Taking figurative painting as her starting point”, presentation by Ulrika Levén for Carnegie Art Award 2012 (in English)


“A Tale of Plans, Told by Misgivings”, exhibition presentation by Thomas Millroth (in English)


“Lika genialt som trivialt”, review by Carolina Söderholm for Sydsvenskan (in Swedish)


“På vei mot paradis”, interview by Joakim Borda for Kunstforum (in Norwegian)


“Full Arch”, exhibition presentation by Katarina Sjögren and Jun-Hi Wennergren Nordling (in English)


Writings on the body of works entitled The Muse


Digitales Zeitalter– Zwischen virtueller und realer Welt review by Tilman Baumgärtel for Berliner Zeitung (in German)


Maleriet blir til interview by Cecilie Nissen for Kristiansand Kunsthall (in Norwegian)


När det abstrakta bli något mycket märkvärdigt by Håkan Nilsson for SvD (in Swedish)


En öppning mot det informella by Leif Mattsson for Omkonst (in Swedish)


Talk with Ando at The Undergang Armchair under the umbrella of Cultural Bandwidth (audio in English)


Lydkunst #36 an interview by Anne Neimann Clement for LYDKUNST at SoundCloud (audio in Danish)


Rihanna som vår tids muse review by Frida Forsgren for Fvn (in Norwegian)


The Muse introduction by me, Ditte Ejlerskov (in English)




Writings on my email-scam-related works (My Bajan Letters  and My African Letters)


A letter to you letter from me, Ditte EJlerskov, for the show The Beach Club Shop (in English)


“… Riris hemligheter” review by Thomas Millroth for Sydsvenskan and Helsingborg Dagblad (in Swedish)


”My Bajan Letters” review by Jakob Anckarsvärd for Konsten.net (in Swedish)


“Afterword” afterword by Tina Sauerländer for the book My Bajan Letters (in English)


“Afrikansk svindel forvandles til kunst” by Simone von Burgwald, review (in Danish)


“Email correspondence” between me, Ditte Ejlerskov and Amadi Omorose Azagba (in English)


“Emails, Paintings, Loops”, by me, Ditte Ejlerskov – artist statement for “My African Letters” (in English)


“Rejser i løgne, drømme og ensomhed”, exhibition review for Politiken by Torben Sangild (in Danish)


“Double Projection”, project presentation by Maj Hasager (in English)


“En lyckad konstkupp”, exhibition review by Tor Billgren for Sydsvenskan (in Swedish)



Writings on the project About: The Blank Pages


“Whatever happened to the sisterhood”, project presentation by Jennifer Allen for Mousse Magazine (in English)


“About: The Blank Pages – feminist history in the making at Malmö Konsthall”, project presentation for Culture Nordic (in English)


“Taschen under fire”, by Amalie Kristine Frederiksen for Kunstkritikk (in English)


“Taschen under anklage”, by Amalie Kristine Frederiksen for Kunstkritikk (in Swedish)


“Wikipedia better equipped to deal with systemic bias than traditional publishers”, by Gamaliel for The Signpost (in English)


“Blanka böcker i protest mot enkönad konsthistoria”, by Jenny Wickberg for ETC  (in Swedish)


“Blanka sidor visar brist i konsthistorien”, by Emma Thörnkvist for Sydsvenskan (in Swedish)


“Konstens bortglömda kvinnor”, by Emma Lundberg for Fria Tidningen (in Swedish)



Writings on the body of works entitled The Rihanna Paintings


“…drifting through the lingerie department.”, presentation by Ana Mendoza Aldana (in English)


…drifting through the lingerie department.”, presentation by Ana Mendoza Aldana (in French)


“We Found Love” by Marie Egger, presentation of We Found Love in a Hopeless Place (in English)


“Flirtation” by me, Ditte Ejlerskov, an afterword to We Found Love in a Hopeless Place (in English)


“Två sidor av djuriska mönster”, review by Tor Billgren (in Swedish)


“Fåfängans marknad” by Martin Hägg for omkonst.se (in Swedish)




Writings on the body of works entitled Unbreak my Heart, say you’ll love me again


“Encyclopedic Art Practice” by Natalia Gutman, presentation of the project (in English)


“About the encyclopedia” work presentation by Ditte Ejlerskov (in English)




Writings on the body of works entitled An Open Door is Closing


“A door has two sides” by Lisbeth Bonde, foreword for the book “An Open Door is Closing” (in English)



Writings on the portrait of the Prime Minister of Denmark


“Swiper til højre” review by Michael Jeppesen for Altinget (in Danish)


“Sådan har du ikke…” review by Torben Weirup, Søren Domino and Jens Ejsing for Berlingske (in Danish)


“… et kvindeikon i mandeklubben” review by Pernille Lystlund Matzen for Information (in Danish)