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// The Cult of Oxytocin // BOOK //

ISBN: 978-87-972781-3-0

Edition of 1000 copies


The Cult of Oxytocin is a book in 1000 copies produced by Forlaget Aftryk (DK). In the book my practice is unfolded via photos accompanied by texts by Magnus Kaslov, curator at The Museum of Contemporary Art, DK and Helene Nyborg Bay, artistic director at Nikolaj Kunsthal, DK. The book is supported by New Carlsberg Foundation, DKNikolaj Kunsthal, DKAnna Bohman Gallery, SEArnstedt Gallery, SE, Galleria Bianconi, IT and Martin Asbæk Gallery, DK. Design by Nicolai Bejder Studio, print and repro: Narayana Press.





// The Inverted Pyramide // BOOK //


The Inverted Pyramide is a book in 300 copies produced by Viborg Kunsthal (DK) for the solo show with the same title in 2020. The show and book was curated by Bodil Johanne Monrad with an essay by Louise Stewer (DK) and with support by The Danish Arts Foundation (DK).




// The Phone Call // BOOKLET //


The Phone Call is a transcribed phonecall between The Muse and I, originally and recorded by Shalisha Samuel (BB) and myself. The sound piece and this paper was released in relation to a series of paintings forming the solo exhibition

Can you hear me? at Röda Sten Konsthal (SE). Curated by Mariangela Mendez Prencke (SE) by Göteborg Stad (SE), Kulturrådet (SE), Västra Götalandsregionen (SE) and The Danish Arts Foundation (DK). It is an open edition in-house production from Röda Sten Konsthal (SE) in 2019.




// The Muse // BOOK //


The Muse consists of one picture and a monologue written by me, informally spoken and recorded by Shalisha Samuel (BB), transcribed and lightly edited by Mia Ejlerskov (DK/US). The sound piece and this paper was released in relation to a series of paintings constituting the solo exhibition The Muse at Kristiansand Kunsthall (NO) in 2018, curated by Cecilie Nissen (NO), supported by Arts Council Norway (NO) and The Danish Arts Foundation (DK). It is an open edition in-house inkjet production from Studio Ditte Ejlerskov (DK) in 2018.




// My Bajan Letters // BOOK //


ISBN: 978-91-980977-9-5

Edition of 500 copies


My Bajan Letters is a publication in three chapters collected by a rubber band, published by Woodpecker Projects, SE. Research, travel, film, post production, exhibition and print is supported by Bror Ljunggrens Minnesfond, SE, Längmanska Stiftelsen, SE, The Danish Arts Council, DK, ANNAELLEGALLERY, SE, Galleri Arnstedt, SE, Printers Proof, DK, Vermillion Sands, DK, peer to space, DE, Simon Möller Film, SE, Avfart längre fram, SE, Forlaget *[asterisk], DK (published 1st edition of book 1) and The Piccadilly Exhibition Company, DK (initiated book 1). Texts by Fergal O’Connor, Ditte Ejlerskov and Tina Sauerländer in 2016.




// Bow Down Bitches // BOOKLET //


NO ISBN: In-house studio published

Edition of 400 copies



Bow Down Bitches is a booklet from 2016 on the theme of contemporary mainstream feminism. It is designed by Woodpecker Projects, SE and is in-house studio published in an open edition in 2014. It is 32 a4 pages folded to a5 format and held collected by a green rubber band. 







ISBN: 978-91-980977-4-0

Edition of 700 copies


THE MINAJ BOOK from 2015 was published by Woodpecker Projects, SE with support from The Swedish Arts Council, SE, Arctic Paper, DK, ANNAELLE Gallery, SE and Sommer & Kohl, DE. It is a soft-cover book with 152 pages and writings about and around the American rapper Nicki Minaj. The writings are by J. Fergus, Astrid Kusser, Marianne Lentz, Saman Atter Motlagh and an interview between Terry R. Myers and Ditte Ejlerskov.





// An Open Door is Closing // BOOK //


ISBN: 978-91-633-6251-4

Edition of 700 copies (including 30 special editions)


An Open Door is Closing from 2010 is produced in collaboration with Elastic Gallery, SE and would not have been possible without support from The Swedish Arts Council, SE, Larm Gallery, DK, Crystal Contemporary, SE, Montana Fonden, DK, The Danish Embassy, SE and Harry Kuvert AB, SE Designed and Published 2011 by Woodpecker Projects, Malmö, SE. It is a spiral bound book with 60 pages and a poster.




// Unbreak my heart // BOOK //


ISBN: 978-91-633-3929-5

Edition of 500 copies (including 30 special edition)



This publication from 2009 was produced in collaboration with galleri Ping Pong in Malmö in 2009 for my MFA exam show. It is a soft-cover book with 96 pages and a poster. More about the project here.